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PTE Academic assesses the real-life English skills you will need at university and living abroad. PTE Academic is the English test trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world.


Who accepts PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale. PTE Academic is also accepted for visa purposes by the Australian and New Zealand governments.


Benefits of Taking PTE Exam

Most of the international students prefer to take PTE than other tests available in the market. Obviously, there are numerous benefits that takers taking the test. Zenith Guidance is a perfect choice for takers looking to get the exam result within a short time.


What is PTE Exam?

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Questions often test 2 skills together, such as listening and reading or reading and speaking.


Cost Of PTE Test

Get PTE Voucher in just Rs.10899.


Exam Center

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Quick Result

PTE Academic delivers result in five business day, so you don't to worry about waiting for results.

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